Once, Somewhere Between

HDK, Master Exam Project 2011

Everyday, stories happen. 
Everyday, stories die. 

How many stories have been forgotten throughout time? 
Even though they are only a few words, they must be very important to someone; small fragments of memories that keep life special, secrets full of magic, moments between reality and imagination, tales from yesterday… 
During the last two years in Sweden, I have heard many stories. And I feel a connection between these memorable stories and myself in some way.

I would like to pass on those stories, by expressing them through my own perspective. Although it may be only a soft whisper, I do hope that it will bring something to people’s mind.

1931 Silvbergs Gruva (90x70cm) 
If she hadn’t told me, I wouldn’t have ever known.
But who else really knows, other than the people that were down there.

2001 Martebo (100x70cm)
The light came to them, went up in the sky and suddenly disappeared. But the secret will always be there, on the magical island.

2034 Bohuslän (70x90cm)
‘She is here’ they said, although no one has ever seen her.

1978 Sundsvall (70x100cm)
Otto Sillman, the visitor who never left 

Pattern design for fabric, printed on Habotai Silk